your team through an effective coaching environment that’s interactive and transparent

Engaging for managers and sales pros

Transparency in evaluation, feedback, and development planning is key to driving a strong foundation for engagement between sales professionals and sales management. Sales managers want the right combination of tools, tips, and technology that actively makes coaching an engaging activity. They can count on mCoach to help engage with sales professionals, promote a collaborative environment, and drive improved sales performance.

Team Performance Bar

The mCoach solution effectively combines critical sales performance data with skills execution metrics . It enables sales management and the sales team to establish an action plan, as a group, for entire team skills improvement.

Skill Ratings

The evaluation rubric slide bar clearly defines what good sales performance looks like. With mCoach, performance expectations of each skill are transparent between manager and sales professional which promotes an open dialogue and discussion during the evaluation process.

Information Tips

mCoach offers managers a list of observable behaviors to look for and relevant questions to ask sales professionals during field rides to help develop specific skills. These questions are an excellent way to promote two-way conversations and positive interaction. Additional coaching tips and a list of training resources are provided to managers that can be used in development plans or during the field ride to help skills improvement.

In the end, effective coaching fosters a dialogue about how to improve the skills that drive sales performance. mCoach facilitates that interaction and promotes a truly collaborative environment among sales management and sales professionals.