the sales coaching experience to deliver better and faster results

Easy to use

You have plenty of data and a world of options in how you approach field coaching and sales force development. You need to quickly identify and prioritize coaching opportunities, but have a tool that also facilitates executing that coaching plan. With mCoach the best option is at your fingertips. We take the guesswork out of what to do next.

Let’s face it, when you make the actual process of coaching easier, sales management will be more apt to embrace coaching. mCoach simplifies the coaching process by having all the necessary tools and resources in one place for easy access and use. As a result, managers will be inclined to spend more time coaching which will ultimately drive better and faster results in sales performance improvement for your organization.

How does mCoach simplify sales force coaching?

Visual Data

mCoach’s robust ‘visual data’ aggregates historical performance at both the individual and team levels and combines it with previous coaching activity to deliver at-a-glance diagnostics. These visual tools enable sales management to quickly prioritize conversations not only among individuals within the team, but around skills development as part of an overall coaching plan. The application offers sales management an interactive and dynamic user experience with the ability to drill down to the individual performance level from several team-based diagnostics:

  • The Team Performance Bar provides the user sales attainment statistics and the number of field rides in the past 12 months
  • The Skill Diagnostics Window shows how a team is performing in each skill, a description of the skill, how many times the skill has been coached in the past 6 months, and combined team average ratings by quarter

The benefit with visual and graphical representations of large quantities of information is virtual, on-demand business intelligence that can drive individualized coaching solutions and plans as well as improved sales performance.

Once-and-Done Field Coaching Reports

A Field Coaching Report (FCR) can be initiated with a tap of the finger. mCoach streamlines the entire FCR process making them not only easier to complete, but more timely and transparent as well.

The intuitive evaluation rubric slide bar for each skill offers objective support and definitions to the skill rating. It aligns expectations between manager and sales professional and creates a more consistent and meaningful coaching assessment across multiple managers. The slide bar enables the sales professional’s performance to be updated throughout the day to quickly capture potential improvement.

The field ride observation entry screen develops the manager’s ability to recognize and describe observable behavior to enhance coaching effectiveness. These observations automatically become a part of the FCR.

With mCoach, FCRs become a strategic tool for growth and development rather than just a required exercise after each field ride!

Automated Development Plans

The coaching plan window allows sales management to easily view and select development tools or resources to accommodate the individual training needs of sales professionals. These may include eModules, live training, phone coaching sessions, or other resources tailored to your organization’s sales enablement program. With mCoach you have the ideal tool at your fingertips to generate highly effective and individualized coaching plans.